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2001 Venezuela 20,000 Bolivares Specimen P-86as PMG 67 EPQ TOP POP

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2001 Venezuela 20,000 Bolivares Specimen P-86as PMG 67 EPQ TOP POP Exceptional Collectible


The 2001 Venezuela 20,000 Bolivares Specimen banknote, cataloged as P-86as and graded PMG 67 EPQ (Exceptional Paper Quality), is an extraordinarily rare and pristine example of Venezuelan currency. As a "Top Pop" note, this specimen is the highest graded example in the PMG population report, making it a highly sought-after collectible for numismatists.

Design and Features:

  • Obverse: The front of the note features a detailed portrait of Simón Bolívar, the revered liberator and national hero of Venezuela. The intricate background patterns and vivid colors enhance the note's visual appeal and signify the nation’s rich cultural heritage. As a specimen, this note includes "SPECIMEN" stamps and unique serial numbers, distinguishing it from regular circulation notes.

  • Reverse: The reverse side showcases the Central Bank of Venezuela building, a symbol of the country’s financial stability and architectural heritage. The detailed engravings and vibrant imagery highlight the craftsmanship involved in the note's production. "SPECIMEN" markings are also present on the reverse, adding to the note’s rarity and uniqueness.

Security Features: The 20,000 Bolivares note incorporates several advanced security features designed to prevent counterfeiting. These include a watermark of Simón Bolívar, a security thread, microprinting, and color-shifting ink. These elements ensure the note's authenticity and contribute to its intricate design and aesthetic appeal.

Historical Significance: Issued as a specimen in 2001, this banknote represents a period of significant economic and political activity in Venezuela. Specimen notes are produced in limited quantities for reference and testing, making them significantly rarer than standard issued notes. The 20,000 Bolivares denomination reflects the economic conditions and efforts to maintain currency stability during that period.

Collector's Value: Graded PMG 67 EPQ, this banknote is in impeccable condition, with perfect centering, sharp corners, and exceptional paper quality. The "Superb Gem UNC" grade indicates that the note is virtually flawless, free from any handling marks or imperfections. Its status as a specimen, combined with its high grade and historical importance, makes it an extremely valuable collectible. The "Top Pop" designation further enhances its desirability, as it is the highest graded example in the PMG population report.