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1997 Comoros 2500 Francs P-13 PMG 66 EPQ Rare Pristine Collectible

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1997 Comoros 2500 Francs P-13 PMG 66 EPQ Rare Pristine Collectible

The 1997 Comoros 2500 Francs, cataloged as P-13 and graded PMG 66 EPQ (Exceptional Paper Quality), stands as a remarkable piece of Comorian numismatic history. With its exceptionally high grade, this banknote exemplifies the artistry and design sophistication that characterized Comorian currency in the late 20th century.

Design and Features: This 2500 Francs note features vibrant artwork reflecting the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of the Comoros. The intricate design includes vivid depictions of local flora and fauna, national symbols, and possibly notable figures or landmarks. The choice of colors and patterns highlights the attention to detail that went into its creation. Graded PMG 66 EPQ, the note is in near-perfect condition, with crisp details, bright colors, and paper quality that enhances its collectibility.

Historical Significance: Issued in 1997, this banknote is a representation of the economic and cultural narrative of the Comoros at the time. As the country navigated the challenges and opportunities of the late 20th century, its currency played a pivotal role in reflecting national identity and economic aspirations. The 2500 Francs note stands as a testament to this era, encapsulating the vision and creativity that defined Comorian currency.

Collector's Value: The PMG 66 EPQ grade signifies that this banknote is in pristine condition, making it a highly sought-after collectible. Collectors interested in African currencies, high-grade historical banknotes, and those who appreciate the unique aesthetic of Comorian money will find this note particularly appealing. Its rarity, exceptional quality, and the rich narrative it represents elevate its status in any collection.