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Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollars x 100 2008 AA P-91 New UNC Bundle COA

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Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollars x 100 2008 AA P-91 New UNC Bundle COA


This bundle of 100 Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollar banknotes, cataloged as P-91 and issued in 2008, represents one of the most iconic symbols of hyperinflation in modern history. Each note is in pristine, Uncirculated (UNC) condition and features the AA prefix, making this set an extraordinary collectible. The bundle comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) to verify its authenticity and preservation.

Design and Features: Each 100 Trillion Dollar note showcases intricate designs that reflect Zimbabwe's cultural and natural heritage. The obverse side features the Chiremba Balancing Rocks in Epworth, a famous Zimbabwean landmark symbolizing stability and resilience. The reverse side depicts various images, including a water buffalo and the iconic Victoria Falls, highlighting the country's rich natural beauty. The vibrant colors and detailed engravings emphasize the craftsmanship of the note, despite the economic turmoil of the time.

Historical Significance: Issued in 2008 during one of the most severe hyperinflationary periods ever recorded, the 100 Trillion Dollar note is a stark reminder of the economic challenges faced by Zimbabwe. This note's astronomical denomination reflects the extent of currency devaluation and the struggles of the Zimbabwean economy. The issuance of such high-denomination currency was part of the government's efforts to cope with runaway inflation, which rendered lower denominations virtually worthless.

Collector's Value: The bundle of 100 consecutive AA-prefix notes in UNC condition, accompanied by a COA, is highly desirable for collectors of hyperinflation currency and modern economic history. The pristine condition enhance the bundle's value, making it a significant addition to any collection focused on rare and historically important banknotes. The COA provides additional assurance of authenticity, further elevating the bundle's collectible status.