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2010 IRR Rials 1,000,000 New Crisp Unc. x5 Notes, 5 Million Rial Total N# 211650

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2010 IRR Iran Rials 1,000,000 New Crisp Uncirculated (UNC) x5 Notes, Totaling 5 Million Rial

Catalog Number: N# 211650 

Overview: presents a remarkable set of five 2010 Iranian Rial (IRR) banknotes, each with a notable denomination of 1,000,000 Rials. This set aggregates to a total value of 5 million Rials, making it a significant acquisition for collectors fascinated by hyperinflated currencies.

Condition and Authenticity: These banknotes are in pristine, New Crisp Uncirculated (UNC) condition, ensuring that their original quality, including the paper texture, vivid colors, and detailed artwork, remains intact. Authenticity is assured, meeting the high standards expected by numismatic enthusiasts.

Design and Features: The 2010 series of Iranian Rial showcases Iran's commitment to blending historical heritage with contemporary design elements. The banknotes feature:

  • Obverse: The face of the note is adorned with the image of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, symbolizing the lasting influence of the Islamic Revolution on Iran's currency.
  • Reverse: Depicts significant landmarks or natural wonders of Iran, highlighting the country's rich cultural and historical legacy.

Historical Significance: The 2010 issuance of the Iranian Rial occurred during a period of significant economic challenge for Iran, marked by hyperinflation largely due to external sanctions and internal policies. These banknotes serve as a tangible connection to this turbulent economic era.

Collector's Value: For collectors of hyperinflated currencies and those interested in Middle Eastern monetary history, these banknotes are a coveted item. The high denomination and uncirculated condition add to their rarity and desirability. The market value may vary, but the historical and numismatic significance is constant.

Conclusion: The set of 2010 IRR 1,000,000 banknotes offered by is more than just currency; it's a piece of economic history. With Catalog Number N# 211650, these banknotes are an excellent addition to any collection, offering insight into Iran's economic narrative and the art of currency design.


2 Reviews

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    Iran Rial

    Posted by Lisa Smeltzer on Feb 15th 2024


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    Posted by Darrell on Feb 14th 2024

    Prompt and classy touch!