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1960 China Yuan Set from the People's Republic of China. 1-5 Yuan PMG 58-67 EPQ, Rare Set with Planet Banknote Label

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The 1960 China Yuan Set from the People's Republic of China is a notable collection of PMG-graded banknotes, each featuring the distinguished Planet Banknote Label. This set includes denominations of 1, 2, and 5 Yuan, all from the year 1960, and showcases a mix of grades and exceptional preservation.

  1. 1960 1 Yuan Pick# 874a PMG 58 Choice About Unc: This banknote is in a near-uncirculated condition, graded at PMG 58. It highlights the craftsmanship of early 1960s Chinese banknotes with intricate designs and vibrant colors. The 1 Yuan note features agricultural imagery, reflecting the era's economic focus.

  2. 1960 2 Yuan Pick# 875a2 PMG 67 EPQ Superb Gem Unc: With an outstanding grade of PMG 67 EPQ, this 2 Yuan note is a superb gem, indicating it is in nearly perfect condition with exceptional paper quality. It stands out with its detailed engraving and superior printing techniques, making it a gem for collectors.

  3. 1960 5 Yuan Pick# 976a PMG 58 EPQ Choice About Unc: This rare 5 Yuan note, graded PMG 58 EPQ, is in a choice about uncirculated condition. It features complex design elements that highlight the banknote's historical and cultural significance. This note is particularly sought after due to its rarity and the EPQ (Exceptional Paper Quality) designation.

  4. 1960 5 Yuan Pick# 876b - Light Black PMG 64 Choice Unc: Another 5 Yuan note, this time in light black, graded PMG 64 Choice Unc. It is well-preserved with minor handling issues but maintains strong appeal due to its condition and the unique Planet Banknote Label.

Historical Significance:

These banknotes were issued during a transformative period in Chinese history, post the establishment of the People's Republic of China. They represent the economic policies and propaganda of the time, promoting agricultural and industrial advancements. The intricate designs and quality of these notes offer a glimpse into the artistic and technological capabilities of the era.

Collector's Value:

The set's rarity, particularly the 5 Yuan notes, and the high PMG grades enhance its desirability among collectors. The Planet Banknote Label adds an extra layer of appeal, signifying that these notes have been meticulously examined and preserved. This set is a valuable addition to any serious collection of Chinese or hyperinflated banknotes.