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1946 Hungary 10 Million Milpengo (Ten Trillion Pengo) PMG 64 UNC Remarkable P-129 Rarity

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The 1946 Hungary 10 Million Milpengo banknote is a captivating specimen from the post-World War II era, representative of the hyperinflation that plagued Hungary, culminating in the highest denomination banknotes ever issued in history. This banknote, with its elaborate design featuring intricate patterns and the prominent display of the denomination, is a historical document illustrating the extreme economic conditions of the time.

Graded by PMG as 64 UNC, this note is preserved in an uncirculated condition, signaling its rarity and exceptional state of preservation. Collectors and historians alike value such pieces for their ability to convey stories of economic upheaval and recovery.

For numismatic enthusiasts, this banknote is not just a piece of currency but a witness to one of the most intense periods of inflation ever recorded, making it a significant artifact from a pivotal moment in Hungarian and world economic history.