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1946 HUNGARY 10 MILLION B-PENGO Banknote (10 Quintillion) P-135 Hyperinflation 1946 UNC

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1946 Hungary 10 Million B-Pengo Banknote (10 Quintillion) P-135, Hyperinflation Era, UNC


Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of historic currency with the 1946 Hungary 10 Million B-Pengo Banknote, an impressive testament to one of the most intense periods of hyperinflation in history. This unique banknote, cataloged as P-135, is a rare collector's item, showcasing a staggering 10 quintillion (10 million B-Pengo) denomination, a direct reflection of the economic challenges faced by Hungary in the aftermath of World War II. Available in uncirculated (UNC) condition, this banknote is a must-have for enthusiasts of numismatics and history alike, offered exclusively on

Key Features:

  • Authenticity: Genuine 1946 Hungarian 10 Million B-Pengo banknote, symbolizing an unparalleled historical period. COA INCLUDED
  • Condition: The banknote is in pristine UNC condition, preserving its historical and aesthetic value.
  • Historical Context: Issued during Hungary's severe hyperinflation period post-WWII, offering a rare glimpse into economic history.
  • Design: Features distinctive Hungarian artistic elements from the era, making it a piece of numismatic art.
  • Extraordinary Denomination: The enormous denomination of 1 quintillion pengo reflects the extreme hyperinflation experienced.
  • Catalog Number: Identified as P-135 in numismatic catalogs.
  • Collector's Importance: An essential item for collectors specializing in rare currencies, European history, and hyperinflation memorabilia.

This 1946 Hungary 10 Million B-Pengo Banknote is not merely a piece of currency; it's a fragment of Hungary's tumultuous economic past. Its excellent condition and historical significance make it a standout addition to any collection. Discover this remarkable piece of history at – where the past is just a purchase away.